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The craft of “snake charmers”

Muhammad Sharif Khan 306 N. Morton Avenue Morton, PA 19070, USA 2016

Snakes and people, together, have a long history that goes back to the time when we were not yet “people” and yet snake was not recognized with its attributes as today, while snake continued with its unfriendly habits. It explains our extreme attitude towards snakes, varying from deification to ophidiphobia - the fear of snakes. The story of snake-man began when we were yet exploring our surroundings, experiencing new facts, real hard facts, and started recognizing howls with jackals, chatters with monkeys, growls and roars to cheetah and lion, we recognized them by their sounds in dark, in light by their shapes. Since beginning we have been hunters and gatherers. For long, we knew there loomed something mysterious around thickets a small insignificant “wound” from its bite, unlike bite of a cat etc., caused in due course of time agonizing death. So we started fearing going in jungle, where from fl…

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